Book Review- “Ford County” by John Grisham

Ford County

By John Grisham

You have to agree that John Grisham is a master storyteller, penning mesmerizing tales that make for a good Sunday afternoon read.

Ford County comprises seven short stories- all highly captivating without an overdose of sex, violence but simple mysteries and puzzles that leave the reader utterly satisfied by the end of it all.

His style of writing, though, regular and weird at times, has a subtle charm to it, making it a page turner. He characters are real, sympathetic, compelling, warm, witty and pretty much relatable. 


The common themes and plots are intriguing and believable. Overall, his sense of observation is commendable. Very fine details, that generally are taken for granted by readers and writers alike, are beautifully depicted by Grisham.

The stories – “Fetching Raymond”, “Michael’s Room”, “Quiet Haven”, “Fish Files”, “Casino”, “Funny Boy”, “Blood Drive” – all set in rural Mississippi, bring in a very different feeling with each read. It sparks hidden human emotions enriching the human spirit. They grab attention and keep you hooked on until the last page.

The stories make for an easy read. They are brilliantly engaging and give us a taste of Grisham’s renowned thrillers.


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