Book Review- “Silver Borne” by Patricia Briggs

Silver Borne

By Patricia Briggs

Silver Borne is the fifth book in the Mercy Thompson series.

I’d suggest being familiar with the series if you wish to read this one, since this one connects a lot of loose ends from the past, esp. the mate bond between Adam and Mercy and its consequence for Adam’s pack. Mercy and Adam’s relationship is under scrutiny by the werewolf pack. Mercy is known to be witty and bold. But this book highlights another aspect of her nature – love. Mercy is a mechanic in the Tri-cities area of Washington, dealing with the repercussions of being in a relationship with an Alpha werewolf –Adam.

Their relationship is beautifully shown in full swing but they face a fight for dominance from within the pack.

Secondly, the bit about Samuel’s growing depression. Samuel as we know is Mercy’s ex-boyfriend/werewolf/room-mate. Samuel is the son of Marrok. Marrock rules all North American werewolves. Sam is a doctor with the local hospital, but he is on the verge of killing himself. But his wolf over powers him and takes control for so long that Mercy and Bran feel the need to do so. It is surprising how towards the end a fae (and Samuel’s long lost love) saves him.

And thirdly the secret behind the fae book. Mercy seems to have caught hold of the secret fae book which is now desired by the fae queen – creating trouble for Mercy all the way.

There is more momentum in this one than any of the previous four books. Though there aren’t any vampires in this one it makes up with a skin-walker, a pack of werewolves, a fae fairy queen and a grumpy gremlin and many other fantasy creatures to keep up the pace.

The powerful action packed plot and good character development make the story flow seamlessly. Briggs’ taut writing brings in a whole lot of excitement in this supernatural thriller. Uncompromising on quality and immaculately mixing romance, fantasy, mystery, adventure and a lot of action Briggs’ proves her mettle yet again.


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