Book Review- “The Whole Truth” by David Baldacci

The Whole Truth

By David Baldacci

David Baldacci’s “The Whole Truth” makes you ponder over the authenticity of news delivered nowadays and the big players behind it all, who fabricate the truth, manipulate public opinion and deliver cleverly crafted lies for maximum media impact.

Multi-billionaire Nicholas Creel, the head of the world’s largest defense conglomerate, Ares Corporation is hell bent in pitting superpowers against one another in the hope of generating an arms race. 


He hires a “perception management” team to stir the peace and create havoc. Dick Pender, a former employee in the White House press office, is an expert in perception management.  His motto is: “Why waste time trying to discover the truth, when you can so easily create it?”

Pender hatches a scheme to create an international incident that will result in a number of superpowers on the verge of war. These countries will then increase their defense spending and order weapons and equipment from Ares. Along with his staff, Pender starts planting false stories about the Russians in the news and over the internet. Not falling for this trap are: journalist Kate James, consultant Anna Fischer and operative A. Shaw.

Shaw is a globe-trotting troubleshooter for a shadowy international law-enforcement organization with in depth knowledge of surveillance, hand-to-hand combat, and weaponry that makes him an extremely valuable asset. His strong and physically imposing persona, acting ability, intuitive vision and undying courage have helped him overcome many a dangerous situations.

Award-winning investigative reporter Katie James has turned alcoholic after a traumatic experience in Afghanistan and now works on the orbit desk of the newspaper.

A chance encounter (and escapade) with Shaw, in Scotland, puts James in the middle of the biggest story of her career, that is if she lives to tell it!

The plot is well thought of and delivered with ease. Though a bit complicated and melodramatic it holds a great deal of suspense and thrill. The Whole Truth is a fast-paced, unusual thriller from the desk of an ace writer – David Baldacci.


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