Book Review of “A Million Little Pieces” By James Frey

A Million Little Pieces

By James Frey

This is a story of intense addiction. It is a wonderfully crafted comprehensive tale of recovery that makes way to your heart.

Rejecting any kind of self-pity, cynicism, the story is a fine balance of sad memoirs, addiction, life in a rehab, human strength, suburban life, family, love, care, crazy stunts and normal routines. Something most girls (usually) dig.

James work is absolutely honest and refreshing. The fine detailing make you almost feel the pain…and yes as clichéd as it may sound – it does “send a shiver down your spine”. It is a man’s fight against the ever gripping chemical addiction that ends in a void.

The story is spun in shades of grey. He comes across as a wasted youth full of anger, hatred, and bodily liquids that at times make you flinch in disgust. But at the same time his subtle display of sadness and weakness brings out his childlike openness craving for love, care and attention.

James portrayal of a rehab and the process involved is commendable. The reality is monotonous and highly mundane. His acceptance of truth and the courage to take onus for the destruction of his life, body and family without any pretence or lame excuses wins him a wide readership.

If you’ve ever been an addict, or have been reading a bit about everything, the book will grip you till the very end.



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