Book Review of “Fearless Fourteen” by Janet Evanovich

Fearless Fourteen

By Janet Evanovich


I mite be biased towards the author and her writing, maybe ‘coz for long she has entertained me too much to criticize any of her work.

In Fearless Fourteen, Plum is babysitting a teenager, Zook, Loretta’s avid internet gamer son.

Plum also is trying to keep Brenda (an aging singer who acts like a diva) away from falling into trouble, but she follows Plum around in quest of a reality show plot. Apparently there’s an unsolved nine million dollar robbery (for which Dom has done time and now released) and the money appears to be somewhere in Joe Morelli’s house. Loretta has been kidnapped and the kidnapper sends “toes” to stress the grim situation asking for the nine million dollars as ransom. Loretta, Dom and Joe are cousins.

Grandma Mazur seems to be enthralled by Zook’s internet game and is bent on forming her own gang of overage crooks.

Lula on the other hand is engaged to Tank (her boyfriend) and keeps driving Plum crazy with her wedding plans.

Too many things happening at the same time for Plum make for the usual madness that reflects in Evanovichs’ writing.

Evanovich tastefully describes life in Trenton, NJ. She has the knack of creating witty situations and comments. It has a good dose of humor and laughter with Stephanie Plum, Ranger, Joe, Lula, Grandma Mazur, entertaining the readers throughout.

Some places the writing seems to have dived head-on crashing into the depths of monotony. The flow of the story that should’ve been natural seemed a bit pushy and forced. The characters somewhere seem to have lost their charm.

Overall, funny and entertaining, Fearless Fourteen makes for a one time read.



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