Book Review of “Mini Planner / Three Of Us” By Abha Dawesar

Mini Planner / Three of Us

By Abha Dawesar

The name did intrigue me into picking up the book and giving it a read. Though fast paced and easy, there was something amiss, I felt. I couldn’t trace it till the very end though.

Andre Bernard, a financial analyst, moves to Manhattan for a corporate job. He soon finds himself pleasing his boss Nathan, sexually. Complications arise when Nathan’s wife Sybil, too, indulges in sexual escapades with Andre. As the story progresses, we see Andre juggling between his sexual schedules with Nathan and Sybil with the help of his “mini planner”. He ensures that Nathan and Sybil don’t run into each other and this only gives room to more comic situations.

After a while, the sexual encounters went from fun and excitement to strategic and boring. They ended up being just like any other ordinary household chore. At some places the workplace has been overtly described, making it sound mundane. And the character of Andre seems to be enjoying extracurricular activities more than the real job.

He also ends up in bed, halfheartedly, with the office secretary, Martha (eventually getting her      pregnant). Then we have Madhu (Andre’s former lover) walk in later, faced by the dilemma of an  arranged marriage and her feelings for Andre. Madhu’s character would’ve lent more flavor to the  story had it been a bit more stronger.

It is an interesting read overall, no doubt, as the language is clear, simple and flows freely. It is  hilarious, steamy, tender and reflective –all in one. Quite engaging and impressive. If only it had a  little more character depth and strength it would have been more appreciated. But none-the-less,  Abha’s first impressive attempt of writing as a bisexual white man is quite commendable.



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