Book Review of “Nothing To Lose” By Lee Child

Nothing to Lose

By Lee Child

The story shows former Army MP Jack Reacher on his way from Colorado to San Diego. He walks into a small town called “Despair” about 12 miles from a town called “Hope” (what a selection of names!)

Interestingly there’s a straight two lane road running between the two towns that separate them in terms of style, pleasantness of the population, ambience and everything else you can imagine.

While Hope’s part of the highway consists of thick dark asphalt rolled smooth, Despair has hot tar and dumped grey gravel for a “road”. All Reacher wanted to do was sip a cup of coffee and get back on the road. If only the locals had left him alone. Sadly, they meddled with him…and in return Reacher messed with their business only to unravel the secrets they hid for years.

Though the story starts on an interesting note it fizzles out in to a long boring tale. Reacher has a knack of inviting trouble all the time and here he gets plenty.

There is not much character development in Reacher’s case – traveling the country with nothing but his brush and the ATM card; same old strong Reacher beating the crap out of the villains; not a scratch on him; he seems to know all that there is to know; always catching the eye of a woman and a romantic stint thereafter; etc.

None the less, it sure is a page-turner. You cannot ‘not’ know what happens with/to Jack and how he unfolds the truth. There are peaks of interest that are mildly intriguing

All said and done, the affinity to Lee Child’s work makes his flaws seem miniscule – sometimes enough to overlook them completely. So maybe a one-time read is all that this book deserves.



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