Book Review of “Plum Lucky” By Janet Evanovich

Plum Lucky

By Janet Evanovich

Another humorous offering by Janet Evanovich.

Stephanie Plum, bounty hunter extraordinaire and New Jersey “hottie”, is back in the thick of things again – a part of her job description!

They say there’s a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. On St. Patrick’s Day, Grandma Mazur stumbles into a duffle bag full of money, and yes, there’s a rainbow in the sky!

So following the rule “Finders Keepers – Losers Weepers”, Grandma Mazur considers her lucky self blessed and takes off to the casinos of Atlantic City (Where else would anyone really think of going to splurge easy money, right!?)

But the loser, in this case, is an ex-jockey Zigmond Kulakowslo. He’s a short man in green pants, an Unmentionable, who claims he is a leprechaun, and also claims that it’s his money and he wants it back.

But the (mis)adventures and chaos continue with Stephanie, Lulu and Connie trying to trace Grandma; the Leprechaun trying to trace the money and Grandma; a mobster trying to trace the Leprechaun and the money; and Diesel tracing the Leprechaun.

Confusion, trouble and misadventures are a vital part of Grandma Mazur’s life. We see vivacious Lula becoming the next super-model; a midget and some mobsters on the chase; the kidnapping of Stephanie and her Grandma; a horse being held for ransom; and cars blowing up (of course!).

The plot isn’t astounding or novel – but the quirky writing makes up for it and entertains readers tremendously. Simple language, wacky characters and affably extraordinary situations makes this one a gripping read.



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