Book Review of “Plum Spooky” By Janet Evanovich

Plum Spooky

By Janet Evanovich


This was definitely like a breath of fresh air – utterly lengthy but highly entertaining and hilarious.

You get to see more of Carl (the monkey), Diesel, Grandma Mazur – all who crack you up time and again.

So this one has Stephanie trying to trace Martin Munch, a wiz kid who wants to the run the world by teaming up with Wulf (Gerwulf Grimoire). Of course what follows is a series of trouble and cuss words throughout the wild and wacky adventure (what a trip!). The most appealing thing about Stephanie is her character – as human as it could be – with a good heart and soul and relatable flaws.

This book is too much of fun.
Carl shows more intelligence than a regular monkey giving Stephanie a hard time; Lulu and Tank argue and fight over everything possible; Ranger’s smile (finally!); Joe Morelli’s concern for his brother Anthony; all in all – good fun read!



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