Book Review of “Sail” By James Patterson and Howard Roughan


By James Patterson and Howard Roughan

Not a typical Patterson thriller novel but an entertaining read none the less. A fast paced family drama on high sea, Sail catches your attention without providing anything new or overly exciting.

Katherine Dunne is a heart surgeon. Her (cheating) first husband died on a sailing expedition. She decides to take her three kids on an extended sailing vacation to reunite the family that is falling apart since her husband’s death. She is now married to a (creepy) rich lawyer, Peter Carlyle who urges her to take the vacation with her kids and tries to show how supportive he is but his real motive is revealed soon.

Katherine’s former brother-in-law, Jake Dunne assists her in setting the yacht and promises to help the family connect again over the summer trip – all because he loves the kids and Katherine too.

But once on the yacht things do not go as planned. The oldest son is caught smoking pot; the daughter tries to end her life by jumping into the ocean; some bad guys on their trail to kill them all; a massive storm almost engulfing them; an explosion; a shark to feast on them; the five ending up on an island where a giant snake attacks them; all that could go wrong – does.

How does this dysfunctional family try to make it through the mess and bond again is what the story is all about.

Sail is a pretty much fast read. It does not keep you guessing for long – the antagonist is revealed early on and so is the motive. It is entertaining in bits and parts. Quite predictable too.



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  1. I have also read this book and liked it alot. Hope to read more book from this author in the future. One negative about the book is that the ending was rushed and somwhat unrealistic. I currently written a novella, please check it out and comment on what you think about the prologue. It’s at :

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