Book Review of “Swimsuit” by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro


By James Patterson and Maxine Paetro

A pretty enticing and satisfyingly quick read by Patterson and Paetro this time.

The story begins with the mysterious kidnapping of a swimsuit model. Her parents receive a phone call and they rush to Hawaii in search of their daughter. And joining them is Ben Hawkins – ex-cop turned writer.

A serial killer on the prowl horrendously rapes, tortures and kills his victims, after luring them in to “high-end” hotels. Exotic places, food and people – yes, this book provides some kind of an escape and the cat-and-mouse game (between the killer and Ben) gets more gripping and involving down the pages.

The trivial clues leading to the revelation of the motive behind the killing is very cleverly woven by the author.

The story overall is weirdly creepy, chilling and interesting and keeps you on the edge of the seat as you keep turning the pages.

With highly explicit and graphical description of the gruesome rapes, murders and human atrocities, the ideation/setting gets your heart racing and the scenes seem to stay imbibed in your mind for longer than you expect.

The climax is well wrapped and leaves you with a bitter taste of the real world.


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