Book Review of “The Scarecrow” by Michael Connelly

The Scarecrow

By Michael Connelly


The Scarecrow is a tense, taut, wonderfully written, suspense-thriller that builds curiosity and excitement as the plot thickens.

The story begins with Jack McEvoy, a newspaper reporter with LA Times, being handed the pink slip. But he decides to depart after filing in a story that is sure to shake the authorities to their very core.

A minor who has confessed to a crime is actually innocent and McEvoy teams up with his ex-flame Rachel Walling (FBI Agent) to uncover the secret of “The Scarecrow” – the evil computer mastermind who has access to sensitive data and is also tracking Jack’s movements. Framing innocent people from all around, The Scarecrow leaves not many pieces for the cops to fill up the jigsaw puzzle.

The plot and the characters have a certain freshness to them. There is neither any repetitiveness nor a formula to keep the pace going. It just flows seamlessly to unfold the complex lives of all the characters and reveal the climax that you actually wait for with baited breath!



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