Book Review of “U- Is For Undertow” By Sue Grafton

“U” Is For Undertow

By Sue Grafton

“U is for Undertow” is an interestingly mind-tickling thriller/murder-mystery tactfully presented by Sue Grafton.

Brilliantly descriptive with crisp writing and well ideated plots, this is a satisfying read that moves swiftly from flashbacks to present day (in 1988) and rallies all your emotions – from sympathy, to anger, to triumph.

The story jiggles between 1988 and a murder that happened around 1967.

The lead protagonist, Kinsey Millhone, is a PI solving crime mysteries and occasionally socializing with a select group of friends.

She is approached by Michael Sutton to investigate an unsolved kidnapping of a little girl, Mary Claire Fitzhugh, who disappeared twenty years ago.

Michael has a past history of “crying wolf” and trusting him becomes a bit difficult.

Her investigation leads to a bunch of complicated matters and revelations revolving around the (twenty year old) mystery. Shocking and stunning, none the less.

Add to it, sub plots about Kinsey’s past were really emotional and touching.

Not to forget the regular mix of greedy relatives, estranged/ dysfunctional families, shady characters, a blend of insight and drama to make the story darn interesting.

Kinsey comes across as a sharp, smart and “go-getter” kind of an investigator, who looks into all aspects of her notes with different perspectives lest she miss something.

Overall, a fine 21st installment by a master story teller who is just about 6 alphabets away from completing the unique alphabet soup!



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