Book Review of “Where Are You Now?” By Mary Higgins Clark

Where Are You Now?

By Mary Higgins Clark

Here’s another one of MHC’s suspense filled novel rightfully earning her the longstanding title of “America’s Queen of Suspense”.

There’s intense tension, drama, suspense with a lot of human emotions that keep you hooked throughout. A fast paced read that is absolutely enjoyable.

Ten years ago Charles MacKenzie Jr. (“Mack”) walked out of his apartment on Manhattan’s Upper West Side never to return. Quite a surprising step by a Columbia University senior, about to graduate and already accepted at Duke University Law School. But as a ritual (for the last 10 years), he has been calling his mom every Mother’s Day to tell her that he’s fine and not to look for him. His father dies in the tragedy of 9/11 but that does not bring Mack home or deter his calling pattern.

Mack’s sister Carolyn decides to look for him, beginning from a scratch. She gets a note from Mack stopping her from doing so. But Carolyn isn’t the one to give up so easy. She traces Nick and Bruce, Mack’s roommates back then.

Her investigation leads to the mystery of the disappearing girls and unfolding of many other secrets. This makes her a target of someone who is hell bent on preventing her from solving the mystery – at any cost!

Mack becomes a prime suspect in the disappearance of the girls and Carolyn is even more determined to clear his name off. She seems to be entangled in a web of mysteries and accusations. The ending is wrapped up a bit too soon with the revelation of the criminal mind.

There are a lot of characters in the story and each of their stories is beautifully woven to make the book an enjoyable read.

Shifting perspectives during the whole saga keep you wondering and guessing and engrossed till the last page.

MHC is a brilliant writer with clear crisp writing skills and the knack to weave in surprisingly convincing plots.

The fascinating thriller surely tells “a gripping tale of a young woman trying to unravel the mystery of a family tragedy — a quest with terrifying repercussions.”


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