Book Review of “The Appeal” By John Grisham

The Appeal

By John Grisham


One of Grisham’s most gripping thrillers, The Appeal is a compelling read, absolutely hard to put down. It takes a dig at present world’s election politics.

The story centers around Bowmore, Mississippi, where a chemical giant (Krane Chemical Co.) has been dumping toxic waste into the town’s water supply unit, causing cancer and related ailments to the inhabitants.

Carl Trudeau is the company head. On realizing the rising of the havoc he runs away to Mexico leaving hundreds of people to the ill fate (death).

The company is sued by an attorney couple, the Paytons, (on behalf of a widow) and wins a substantial settlement. And Carl decides to fight back, using his political connections and power of money. He sets out to hire a Supreme Court justice by picking a candidate to participate in the upcoming election. This way he can rule the decision in his favor (or so he thinks).

While this is no “typical Grisham thriller” with murder mysteries and mobster chases, it is equally intriguing. The story is believable and relatable. But the ending is a bit disappointing – seems like a bit rushed into.

The Appeal is an entertaining page-turner that, by showing readers a perversion of the system, yearns for justice. It is a well crafted tale of big business, politics, verdicts, and lawsuits.

A political-legal thriller, The Appeal shows just how easily a few million bucks could manipulate our legal and political systems. Sadly, at times, there is more garnish than meat.

Overall, a commendable job by a genius writer and master plotter!


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