Book Review of “The Christmas Sweater” By Glenn Beck

he Christmas Sweater

By Glenn Beck with Kevin Balfe and Jason Wright


Here’s a story that is not just for Christmas time, even though the title may make you assume so.

Twelve year old Eddie (the main protagonist) is utterly bitter after his father’s death. He longs for a bike as his Christmas present but ends up getting a homemade sweater from his mother. He compares his life to his friend Taylor’s, who seems to have it all – Disneyland trips and all the material things that claim to make a child happy. But what Taylor longs for is love.

Bratty Eddie mistreats his mother and grandparents, till he encounters lessons on Hope and Love.

This semi-autobiographical “heartwarming Christmas tale” is essentially about redemption, family, love and forgiveness. It is about second chances and how we all deserve forgiveness no matter how big or small the deed is.

No one stands by you through thick and thin but your family foremost. We all have storms (some external, some self created) rising and falling within us each day and we have to fight it all. But not at the cost of losing faith or showering anger on our loved ones. It teaches you to deal with adversity and to keep your faith alive in God and his mysterious ways.

The story is very simple; predictable yet thought provoking; the characters are familiar; the instances and experiences are relatable and leave an unforgettable impression that truly inspires you to be the person God intended you to be.

It has a universal appeal and a message that will surely stir the strings of your heart.

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