Book Review of “The Lucky One” By Nicholas Sparks

The Lucky One

By Nicholas Sparks

This is a light read with a dash of mystery and suspense, a splash of action sprinkled with some tender romance. It is interesting to read how fate conspires to bring two very different people together in its own magical way. This charming tale of love restores your faith in many things you might have given up on.

The story is about an ex-marine, Logan Thibault who in his third tour of duty in Iraq finds a half buried photograph of a beautiful woman with the letter E written on the back. Since no one claims it Logan decides to keep it with him. Soon he discovers that the picture brings him extraordinary luck – the kind that keeps him alive despite facing inevitable mortal danger and winning a good sum in poker. His friend, Victor, points out to the luck bestowed on Logan by the photograph.

The unexplainable attraction that Logan experiences towards the picture makes him take up a journey from Colorado to North Carolina, on foot, in search of what may be his destiny. His sole companion all through is his dog, Zeus.

Once he arrives in Hampton, North Carolina, he takes a job at a dog training facility where he meets Nana, the elderly owner of the facility, Elizabeth Clayton, her granddaughter and her young son, Ben. Elizabeth, a teacher, he discovers is the woman in his lucky picture. Beth and Ben are soon drawn towards Logan.

Elizabeth is a single mother and ex-wife of the local sheriff, Keith. He comes from a very influential family and leaves no opportunity to use his control over anybody and everybody if it suits his advantage.

Keith is the same sheriff whose wicked plan is busted by Logan earning himself an enemy.

Once Beth and Ben drawn towards Logan certain secrets are revealed that threaten the new relationship budding between them.

Logan has no clue of what life holds for him – his journey to find Elizabeth, his sincere fondness for her Nana, his love for Beth, his friction with Keith, and the eventual predictable yet nail-biting ending.

Nicholas Sparks – author of fourteen best selling works of fiction (including Nights in Rodanthe, Message in a Bottle, A Walk to Remember, The Notebook) is surely a storyteller extraordinaire!

The characterization is superb, the storyline quite believable and gripping, and the sub-plots interesting.

He has the gift of crafting simple but effective stories of relationships, matters of the heart and the importance of family. He makes you believe in fate, destiny and the mysterious ways of life that we usually pay no heed to. No wonder the readers are absolutely hooked and awed till the very end.



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