Book Review of “You’ve Been Warned” By James Patterson and Howard Roughan

You’ve Been Warned

By James Patterson and Howard Roughan


What’s with JP and his writing skills recently? Seems like his heart is not into writing anymore.

“You’ve Been Warned” has mediocre efforts and essence of bits of science-fiction and unrealistic elements meshed with suspense, murder mystery and betrayal.

The story revolves around Kristin Burns, a twenty six year old avid photographer living in NY, working as a nanny for Michael and Penley Turnbull’s two kids. She begins an illicit affair with the Michael, a successful banking executive whose wife is a caricature of the rich mothers from the novel The Nanny Diaries. Kirstin feels (and hopes) Michael will someday leave Penley to marry her.

Kirstin begins to have recurring dreams about four murders at a hotel, and keeps hearing a song in her head that can’t quite trace. Haunted by the possibility that her dream could actually be a reality she begins to photograph all that she sees to uncover the truth. Some of her photographs are unexplainable and she feels she sees dead people (including her dad) on the busy streets of Manhattan.

Her nightmares have her screaming (even when she is awake!) Things become weirder and, in a way, more dangerous. One night in a club, a stranger approaches her and tells her to be careful, and that now, she’s “been warned.” She flashes between the real and the imaginary worlds and strives to separate the two.

Though the ideation is novel the delivery ain’t all that commendable. It leaves the readers unsatisfied towards the end. The thrills and suspense fail to hold your attention and the occurrences remain unexplained. It sure is a page turner, where the reader actually flips through to get over with it –asap!

The novel claims to be a psychological thriller but sadly is nowhere even near a thriller. Worth a miss for sure!



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