Book Review of “Almost Single” By Advaita Kala

Almost Single

By Advaita Kala

I picked up this one thinking that this would reflect the “Indian single girl” dilemmas. But I was in for a surprise.

Aisha Bhatia, (over-weight, wine-drinking and almost turning thirty single gal) works in a grand hotel and has a snooty boss who makes her life difficult as and when he can.
Her “gang” comprises a gay couple, a single friend and a divorcee. Her mother is forever calling her and nagging her about the marriage prospects that she keeps declining.
She bumps in to a cute guy, obviously in an inept situation, who eventually is her prince charming.

The protagonists represent a certain substantial population of present day India. Single women with aspirations, dreams and major confusion. Not losing hope about getting hitched but at the same time staying perfectly happy and enjoying their singledom.

This ended up being just another chic-lit with nothing great in the offering. Totally crushing the charm of reading and enjoying a novella. Agreed, the language is simple and easy and pretty standard, it does nothing more to engage the reader. Well, yes, certain glimpses of Aisha’s life are relatable and single girls reading this book might see a bit of their life’s reflection. It is funny in bits and parts. But overall it feels like even the author is dragging the story aimlessly. It had become very predictable towards the second half, losing its entertainment value. The plot and people became way too superficial towards the end, making the climax a bit abrupt and chaotic.

The characterization lacked depth and was bearable only to a certain extent. But there is no freshness in the dialogues and neither in the story line. Had Aisha’s character been a bit stronger and less predictable, the story would’ve been more enjoyable. The chemistry (between Aisha and Karan) is practically non-existent.

Apart from the conventional saga, one thing that stands out is the ideology of the protagonists. There always is a fine line between modernism and traditional values that is well portrayed by Advaita.

You may sure pick this one only to while away a lazy Sunday afternoon or kill in-flight time. Do not expect it to enrich your empty hours.



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