Book Review of “Another Chance” By Ahmed Faiyaz

Another Chance

By Ahmed Faiyaz

Like someone rightly said “Love gives birth to every single emotion”, I couldn’t help but agree, more especially after reading “Another Chance” by Ahmed Faiyaz.

The story revolves around Ruheen Oberoi – a smart, free-spirited girl more than often ending with the wrong kind of men – right from college days. First a minister’s son (Vishal) who is obsessed with her and would go to any extent to “obtain” her and then the NRI chap (Rohan) who she ends up marrying against her grandfather’s wishes only to find out that his family is only after her grandfather’s money (typical Indian setting).

Then we have Aditya Sharma, Ruheen’s college friend, who truly (deeply and madly) is in love with her and goes to the extremes to keep her happy. Aditya, in a way, portrays selfless love. The kind of love which, in today’s era, is a rarity. You might have one in a million guys valuing the true meaning of love. And personally I do know such a guy. Reading about Aditya’s selfless acts made me think about the person more and more.

Coming back to the story, Ruheen separates from Aditya in college (because of Vishal’s threats), walks away from his life for his good, ends up marrying Rohan and settling in London only to awaken to the harsh reality of abuse and disrespect. She escapes to Amsterdam and works as a waitress and bumps into Aditya once again while he is on a business trip. They get together and the old flame ignites.

They come back to India to live together and Aditya tries his very best to keep her happy. But soon his professional life takes the front seat and Ruheen feels neglected.

At this point I’d surely like to confess I don’t know whose side I’d be on – Ruheen’s or Aditya’s. Our professions do take up quite a large chunk of our time. But it’s not that we do it to neglect our personal life. It’s just that we strive with all our heart and soul to provide our loved ones with a (financially stable and) happy life and shower them with all the luxuries of living. So when we sacrifice on the “home-front” we do expect a bit of understanding.

But yes, at the same time, totally neglecting family and our loved ones does tend to take a toll on them too – and it surely drives them away – in search of attention and care and love.

And that’s exactly the way Aditya and Ruheen’s life goes as the story proceeds.

Ruheen’s grandpa suffers a heart attack and she flies to Shimla to be with him and ends up meeting Varun Shetty (her childhood friend and crush). Varun’s love for her rekindles and slowly even she feels drawn to him. Soon, she leaves Aditya to be with Varun.

Meanwhile, Aditya does all that he can to win Ruheen’s love again. He quits his job to focus more on her; he even gets her a divorce settlement (from Rohan) by paying him a huge sum (without breathing an air about it to anyone-especially Ruheen); and buys a ring to propose only to come back home to se her with her bags packed and mind set to leave him to be with Varun. He writes to her asking her to re-consider. But he never forces her for anything.

But the truth surfaces (as it usually does) and Ruheen realizes Aditya’s true love for her. She decides to go back to him and confides in Varun on the very day that he is about to propose! (Sorry I couldn’t help but give out this part of the story…my bad!)

And Varun, like a true sweetheart, too lets her make her choice and helps her get to back with Aditya.

So overall, this is a very gripping tale of love. But it definitely makes you doubt a certain trait of Ruheen – she seems to lean and get drawn to people who shower her with extra attention and care. Yes – that is what eventually every girl desires but in Ruheen’s case I was expecting a little more understanding. Maybe it was because of her “not so happy” past (she loses her parents at a very young age; her grandfather fulfills all her wishes at all times; her bad history with Vishal and Rohan) but as an adult, I felt, she should’ve been more patient with Aditya in the first place. I’m not judging her – after all we all have our moments of weakness at some point or another. At places I could connect very well with Ruheen’s character (and wouldn’t hate to admit – I did feel a bit of me in her) but at places she seemed to be the one with the communication problem.

A commendable work of a prolific writer – Ahmed Faiyaz. Every little detail about the setting, the background, the characterization – is so well written that it breathes life into all the scenes and pages. The story flows lucidly and seamlessly from one part of the world to another – from one scene to another.

The story kind of re-enforces your belief in “selfless love” – a concept that honestly seems to have evaded our generation today. In the age where everyone just wants instant gratification without much thought to consequences and aftermaths, Another Chance makes you think about the real essence of “love”, of giving and forgiving. I don’t know how many will agree with my opinion, but I truly believe that when you find the one person who makes you feel complete and for whom you would even want to give up your all, try and hold on to that person. After all, “love” strikes but once and we barely get “another chance” in real life.



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