Book Review of “Knocked Up” By Shaiju Mathew

Knocked Up

By Shaiju Mathew


Finally a great read after such a long time!

I could absolutely visualize the entire story as I read through it – it literally run in my head like a movie. (And I might just like to see its movie version too!) Initially what felt like a guy’s daily journal soon turned out to an absolutely delightful read.

The name resonates with that of a Hollywod flick (I’m trying very hard not to give away the climax here).

Coming back to the book – from the beginning till the last word – I was hooked. The plot revolving around the 3 friends, their girl friends, parents, and life overall is really beautifully and articulately portrayed. I think I fell in love with all the characters and their wackiness- right from Prateik, Ron, Sid, to Rupa, Swati, Becky and Sid’s entire clan! The family and their behavior reminded me of my close relatives!

The instances are very relatable; depicting friendship, love, and courage to stand by your beliefs and face paternal authority with as much faith. It has ample of “lol” moments, bits of emotionally overwhelming ones and sprinkles of fun and ruckus that young boys/girls usually indulge in. Each page delivered a strong emotion.

Being a true Puneite, the mention of certain places got me nostalgic and reminded me of my college days when my friends preferred “chilling out” at those joints. And I surely am not being bias because of that. The writing is fresh and simple and truly enjoyable. No over the top dramatization of ordinary instances. Free flowing wit, humor and fun.

A fantastic attempt by Shaiju and a highly recommended book for all. It is sure to “knock you out”.

I hope to read more from Shaiju and soon!



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