Book Review of “Skin Trade” By Laurell K. Hamilton

Skin Trade

By Laurell K. Hamilton


Hamilton delivers paranormal romance thrillers exceedingly well.

The book kicks off on a fantastic note and lures you into reading it till the very end without any breaks. The story takes Anita to Vegas in the quest of the vampire serial killer, Vittorio. Edward makes a cameo along with Bernardo and Olaf. But sadly, not much of the sensuous Jean-Claude and Jason to munch on. And there is a new beau in Anita’s life by the end of the novel.

Anita is seen doing her Federal Marshal job and investigating a crime scene. There is no “over-the-top” stress on emotional bonds or relationships in this one. It is a fine balance between Anita’s professional front and her personal life.

Anita always wants to do the right thing. Her vampiric strength, unexplainable psychic powers, her strength and her strong shield that can control at least five different breeds of were, her power to feed off people’s anger/arousal, her fascination for weapons and fictional laws about vampire crimes are all enthralling. Hamilton delivers optimum substance in this one for sure, injecting fantasy to the otherwise mundane lives of the characters with ample of twists.

But there are some discrepancies – what happened to Paula Chu, the first suspect? Also, the new powers given to Anita by Belle Morte are not revealed.

All said and done, the central idea of the novel (absolute power corrupts completely) is delivered effortlessly by the author leading her readers to think about the consequences of gaining extreme powers and its aftermath on life.


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