Book Review Of “Alex Cross’s Trial” By James Patterson and Richard DiLallo

Alex Cross’s Trial

By James Patterson and Richard DiLallo


This one is no typical Alex Cross investigative thriller. This one is about the racial injustices in the South during the early 1900s. In fact, it is more of a memoir written by Cross for his children based upon third-party journals and family oral histories concerning the trials and tribulations of Abraham Cross, a great-uncle of Alex’s, and Ben Corbett.

It’s the early 1900s. Racism is on the rise. Equality is an unknown concept.

Ben Corbett – a Spanish-American war veteran and an idealistic attorney who has garnered a national reputation for taking on tough cases involving civil rights issues, returns to his hometown (Eudora, Mississippi) after six years, summoned by President – Theodore Roosevelt. The President wants Corbett to seek the aid of Abraham Cross (Alex Cross’s grandfather) in Mississippi, and together, investigate the outbreak of burning and lynching of minorities.

Alex Cross, along with his granddaughter Moody, shows Ben the extent of the hate-filled assaults reigning in their town. It seems hard for Ben to come to terms with the reality and the grave situation of gruesome murders, intimidation and injustice vented out on the blacks of the town. Lynching, torture and mutilation have become a sport enjoyed by his boyhood classmates and neighbors, while the former slaves cower in their quarter, hoping to avoid death by becoming invisible.

The tension between Ben and the white residents start rising. Ben aims to discover the truth behind it all. But will he be able to digest it?

The gripping twists and turns in the story revolving around murder, love and bravery engross the readers completely. The graphic descriptions of the racial injustice and atrocities are shockingly drastic.

Patterson and DiLallo take their readers back in to the dark time in history digging out facts that were forgotten. Patterson’s impressive style of writing and creating suspense, intrigue and thought provoking subjects makes him the master writer of all times. The characters evolve with the story and bring in the revelation that the author aims.

An easy fast paced read. Highly recommended.



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