Book Review of “Dead and Gone” By Charlaine Harris

Dead and Gone

By Charlaine Harris


HBO’s super hit series “True Blood” is based on Charlaine’s hugely popular Sookie Stackhouse / Southern Vampire fantasy series.

And Dead and Gone is a great read ninth addition to the series – recommended for all vampire, mystery and fantasy fans.

Thankfully, Charlaine’s writing hasn’t suffered any redundancy or monotony. The characters still have depth and undergo continuous evolvement.

Her plots are stunning with realistic characters and a widely varied fantasy mythology. The rural setting adds flavor to the effervescent theme.

And the mystery this time is the dead body found in the Merlotte’s parking lot. Thus begin Sookie’s troubles spiked up with some supernatural-hating religious fundamentalists, a fairy war and of course, Eric.

The pace of the book is adequate for readers to catch up. Ample of humor, violence and variety make the book enjoyable.

Sookie’s character has mellowed down – that’s a wonderful feeling.

But keeping a track of all the great uncles, great aunts, second cousins, etc. along with the pronunciation is a bit too much to ask readers.

Also, at some places there were pretty evident continuity errors. That kinda is disheartening, as it also leaves quite a bit of open ended references (maybe for the future).

But overall – absolutely readable material!




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