Book Review of “Double Cross” By James Patterson

Double Cross

By James Patterson


This one was a fairly simple and fast-paced murder mystery, but definitely not worthy of being called the “classic Alex Cross series”.

Alex has a new girlfriend, Detective Brianna Stone, and life seems to be going on smoothly for a bit. But not for long.

Kyle Craig (a villain resurrected from a previous novel) breaks out of a super-max jail in a rather interesting and unusual way to seek his revenge from Cross.

Another criminal, under the acronym DCAK (District of Columbia Audience Killer), is on a killing spree but ensures that his executions have a sizeable audience. So much so that he sets up his own web site and live video feed to air his artistic carnage.

This pair of killers seek Cross’s attention and blood!

Alex and Bree get on with the investigation. And what follows is the formulaic Patterson style of action and predictable twists. The quality of Patterson’s writing seems to have dipped immensely in this one.

Thankfully the short chapters make is easy to flip through the book fast.

I wonder why Alex doesn’t show his care/concern for his family as much as he claims to. His family always falls in the line of danger…unprotected!

There seems very little (rather no) character development. The antagonists and protagonists always seem to have enough funds (and ease) to travel the whole world it seems.

There are some high points in the story – but they are covered by contrived plots and the lackluster climax.

Just because I’m a JP fan I picked up the book, but felt cheated and miserable after reading this one.


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