Book Review of “Mary Mary” By James Patterson


By James Patterson


In this book by JP, we see FBI Agent Alex Cross enjoying a vacation with his family in Disneyland when he is called for work.

A famous actress has been shot dead outside her home in Beverley Hills. And the serial- killer might be a woman. And “she” is after such “Hollywood” type mothers for some reason known only to her, of course it is all revealed only towards the end. And the clues left behind are totally twisted and confusing, naturally.

Shortly after the murder, a Los Angeles Times editor receives an email describing the murder, and signed, Mary Smith. More killings are threatened, and sure enough, they happen, with similar emails sent to the same editor. Mary also kills “men” and sends out emails “before” the crime happens, to break the pattern. Somehow there is an arrest made, but Alex isn’t sure it’s the right person. Soon he finds himself being targeted as well.

A cold case of 20 years before and some brilliant detective work by Cross leads him to the real killer.

Amidst all the work fiasco, Alex is fighting a custody battle for his younger son. Could life give him any more lemons!?! Yes, it could and surely does. A journalist, stalking Alex’s personal matters, keeps distracting Alex’s attention. And his newest relationship with San Francisco police detective Jamilla starts to face the grunt of it all.

It is a fast-paced read that is pretty entertaining, mysterious and full of suspense. The flow and pace is maintained throughout. The plot is neat and the twists and turns gripping.

It is interesting how the book opens with the thoughts of a killer. It gets you hooked from the every first line.

This is a thriller sure, and you’d notice a bit of character development too. Good or bad – you decide. I could feel a cop’s perspective and thought process. Alex is amongst those dedicated cops who’d give their lives for an investigation to reach its fruitful end.

I liked it for its quick, breezy readable quality.



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