Book Review of “The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo” By Stieg Larsson

By Stieg Larsson


The author’s knack to finely knit various stories together is commendable. And each of them is equally gripping. The fine detailing of the characters and the places, the distinctive stories, all merge together and grip you enough to keep reading till the very end. It lives up to its “fast paced thriller” tag. Corruption, scandals, family saga, murder, passion, mystery – all fly high in here.

The characters are pretty interesting and the entire story depicts almost all forms of human emotions brilliantly. Agreed, it’s not a unique story but it is written interestingly enough to involve the reader.

The main lead – Lisbeth Salander comes across as a talented computer hacker with a sad history (victim of child abuse). Her father is a brutal man who sends Lisbeth to a psychiatric unit at a tender age(of 13), to elude from blowing his cover.

The trilogy mite just work, if the other sequels are as strong as this one. It is worth a read in spite of the few dips the story goes through. This one deserves a shelf space for sure.



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