Book Review of “The Inscrutable Americans” By Anurag Mathur

The Inscrutable Americans

By Anurag Mathur


The book is all about naive simpleton country lad Gopal (from a small town in Madhya Pradesh) who travels all the way to USA to study.

The story is about Gopal’s observations, comments and comparisons of the American ways with Indian lifestyle. The author not only takes interesting digs at the Western society in bits and pieces, but also his observation on immigrants is smartly timed.

The comic element is brought by the entertainingly disastrous language used by Gopal in his letters and even otherwise; his friend Randy’s typical yankee/ wanna-be behavior; and Gloria’s poetry telling (in)ability.

The story is a bit of a drag in certain places and fails to keep the reader hooked many a times. The climax too is left loose. The author’s understanding of different cultures is remarkable though.

This book seemed reasonably appealing when it was released (late ‘80’s) but now it is good for a one-time read (if you have nothing better to do).


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