Book Review of “Wicked Prey” by John Sandford

Wicked Prey

By John Sandford


Wicked Prey is a very interesting account of Lucas Davenport and his skills as a detective. This fast paced, intriguing, action thriller is one of Sandford’s best.

The story revolves around three different crimes, one of which targets his daughter (foster child he adopts in the previous book).

There is a gang of armored car robbers looking for a big score; a man with a rifle looking for weaponry for a 750 yard shot; and Randy Witcomb looking to settle some previous score with Davenport.

The characterization is unbelievably true, the writing style impeccable and the plot – just awesome! The strong strategy and mind-work of Davenport keep the action running.

The violence, the language and the setting make the reader visualize the scene to the tee. The plots are garnished with clever and curt humor that keeps the reader hooked on till the very end.

Must commendable – the author’s skill of serving the background of each character without hampering the pace or taste of the plot.
A pretty good read.


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