Book Review of “The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest” By Stieg Larrson

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest

By Stieg Larsson

What a brilliant end to the trilogy!

The entire series counts as one of the greatest crime/thriller series of the decade, by a mastermind whose genius was recognized, posthumous.

His excellence in clearly narration cranks up more pressure than ever, and his take on the Swedish political landscape – commendable.

The story picks up from where the previous part (The Girl Who Played With Fire) ends.  Both Lisbeth Salander and her father, Zalachenko, are found seriously wounded. Salander is recuperating in the hospital and awaiting transfer to prison upon recovery. Her stumble upon the discovery of the misdeeds of her father, along with some government agencies, seem to have kick-started a series of events that the baddies are set to cover – by hook or by crook.

The brutal realities and immorality of the publication industry and authorities bring to life the complex plot with a gripping leash. This page turner is starkly fast paced.

Here’s some food for thought – unlike the umpteen crime/thrillers, Larsson’s trilogy shows women in a strong light. There is no mindless pornographic violence or sleazy settings to add zing to dull chapters. In fact, the author’s hatred of injustice reflects in his work and at some point motivates readers for years to come.


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