Book Review of “61 Hours” By Lee Child

61 Hours

By Lee Child

A typical Lee Child novel. Though slow paced, Jack Reacher’s character and his methodical ways of solving a mystery make you read the novel till the end and leave you a wee bit disappointed (yes, the climax is a somewhat contrived).

The plot revolves around a Mexican drug cartel. The weather here seems to be the main protagonist – brutally cold and unforgiving at times. Reacher and his “fight against evil” see him in a small town of South Dakota stranded during a blizzard, and he ends up tracing murders and the set up of the mysterious military site. Yes, it is a countdown from 61 hours and you have no clue what the story will unfold. The story reveals a bit of Reacher’s past and brings out a bit of his vulnerability.

I felt that the story lacks gratuitous violence (compared to Lee’s previous work) but Reacher’s skill of placing the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle in the right blocks is commendable.

Overall, just about a “fine” read…not really thrilling as expected.


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