Book Review of “Black Hills” By Nora Roberts

Black Hills

By Nora Roberts

Black Hills is a very engaging romantic/suspense kinda story and the cover just plays its part of mesmerizing you even further to grab it the moment you set your eyes on it.

The story is about Lillian Chance and Cooper Sullivan who meet in South Dakota as kids. Coop is a city lad while Lil a Sioux descendant. Coop is visiting his grandparents over his summer break while Lil’ is a resident of South Dakota, fascinated by wild animals. Their friendship blossoms into love but they are torn apart due to circumstances and meet again years later to get re-acquainted. Lil now runs a wildlife refuge while Coop (an ex-cop) decides to help his grandparents with their family business and farm.

With tension between the lovers over yester years, there is danger lurking and targeting Lil and her refuge. Coop obviously emerges hero by saving Lil and winning his lost love once again.

The author’s articulate skill of intense research and penning character that are so relatable make the book a definite choice. Lil and Coop have very strong character sketches that are totally relatable.

With each of her creations we see a new setting and new characters that do complete justice to the central theme and ideation. The intriguing twists and clever scoops show her ability of in depth analysis and quality deliverance of the substance.

Ample of tension, fine detailing of the town/situation/people, Lil’s work – make it absolutely gripping. Not to forget the interesting secondary characters – Lil’s parents, Coop’s grandparents, etc.

A highly recommended read for all.



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