Book Review of “Caught” By Harlan Coben


By Harlan Coben


A “thriller” rightfully earns itself a name if it captures the reader’s attention strong enough to be held without being kept even for a moment. Caught by Harlan Coben, to a certain extent manages to do so.

A well crafted thrilling story by Coben, creating and maintaining the suspense till the very end.

The book comprises of different stories meshed together only to reveal an unsuspecting climax.

A sting operation by a TV reporter to uncover the truth of a social worker who turns out to be a pedophile gelled with the case of a missing high school senior (girl), followed by the death of the suspect and finally the revelation of the truth.

The story typically shows ordinary people caught in extraordinary situations. Must admit, the characterization is kind of complex but lacks depth where required.

Some clues engulf you in a seamless challenge to uncover the truth.
It is a fairly satisfying, fast paced novel but minor flaws like incorporation of lots of twists and turns, lack of firm clues (in the end) leave the reader a bit confused.



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One response to “Book Review of “Caught” By Harlan Coben

  1. Yeah same for me, I wasn’t convinced… Coben maybe takes it too easy now. He needs some challenging book
    He will not win the Edgar Award with a book like this one.
    Have you read The Lock Artist, really amazing book don’t you think ?


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