Book Review of “Changes” By Jim Butcher


By Jim Butcher


By far the best work of Jim Butcher, Changes highlights Harry Dresden’s character with a variety of hues that were never seen before.

Harry Dresden is a wizard who lives and works as a detective in Chicago, Illinois. The story begins with Dresden receiving a call from his ex-love – Susan informing him that he is the father of a daughter who is now kidnapped.

There begins the perfect blend of urban fantasy and adventure as a father begins one of his most challenging missions – retrieval of his daughter from the clutches of the Red Court vampires.

With touches of sarcasm and humor (Dresden style), the story with its umpteen gripping twists and astounding climax behold the reader until the very last page.

Be it the vampire centric stories full of assassins or the exhilarating supernatural and mystical theme, danger lurks on every page.


The dramatization and descriptions look absolutely real and believable, with some totally acceptable exaggerated action, making it MUST read.



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