Book Review of “Deception Point” By Dan Brown

Deception Point

By Dan Brown


A stupendously fantastic work of a master author – Dan Brown.

The plot is thrilling, intense, thought provoking, complex, well researched, authentic, chilling, adventurous, bold, inventive, and definitely gripping to say the least!

The sparkling characterization of each protagonist integrated with a peep in the political world, edged with high-tech research as well as abstruse scientific facts sets the pace of Deception Point.

The conflict between the US President and a Senator; deceptive moves to gain power; unfathomable discoveries revealing the truth – all meshed together to churn out a saucy thriller is truly a work of art.

Every minute detail is so well put that it makes you feel like a part of the clandestine saga. The complexity keeps rising and defers you from keeping the book aside till you read the very last word.

Rightfully said, Dan Brown is to science fiction-thriller and symbolism what Stephen King is to Horror, John Gresham to Legal and Robin Cook to medicine science stories.



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