Book Review of “I, Alex Cross” By James Patterson

I, Alex Cross

By James Patterson


A typical James Patterson, fact-paced, action novel – I, Alex Cross is a quick read with short chapters.

This suspense-mystery-thriller opens with Alex getting the news of his estranged niece’s gruesome murder. She is ground up in a wood chipper and found in a plastic garbage bag in the back of a car. She was a hooker involved with a sex club, and entertained rich and famous clients like judges, congressmen and highly affluent politicians. The investigation with intriguing twists and turns leads Alex to the White House and finally to the President’s husband.

And then there is the equally emotional sub-plot of Alex’s grandmother- Nana, bringing in a humane touch to the inhumane murders happening around. Nana falls ill land is rushed to the hospital. Alex now swings between finding his niece’s killer and being by his Nana’s side.

The highly engrossing mysterious plot is spiced with bad/raw language, sexual content, and violence. With a lot of action, drama and suspense with clear prose, the author paints a thrilling picture of terror. Alex’s character is very well balanced. Very humane, witty, and sharp. Patterson’s honest portrayal of relationships is heart-warming. His bold imagination show his knack of building up consistent suspense and thrill for the readers.

A highly captivating page-turner.



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