Book Review of “The Fountainhead” By Ayn Rand

The Fountainhead

By Ayn Rand


A splendid masterpiece from Ayn Rand. A lethal combination of drama, romance and philosophy.

It is a story of an architect (Howard Roark), who believes in his values and blatantly opposes societal norms to stand by his belief. His honesty is strikingly piercing; his super massive (right kind of) ego; and his behavior blunt and rude with a clear mindset. His dedication to his work is his source of joy. No other emotions control him.

The lady (Dominique), shows great character and strength and is full of emotions for Roark.

Then there is the cunning Peter Keating, who wants to make his way up by being his bosses’ pet or by sabotaging others. He almost symbolizes almost every other man of today. Just like Ellesworth Toohey, another competitor in the saga.
The classic is garnished with the right amount of emotions – love, hatred, ego, jealousy, passion, strength, weakness, competitive edge and all other deeper moods contrasted with superficialities of the world.



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