Book Review of “Sam’s Letters to Jennifer” By James Patterson

Sam’s Letters to Jennifer

By James Patterson


*Spoiler Alert*

I do like some emotion stirring read, sometimes. But this one felt like an over-doze!

I don’t know if I should be doing this – but Sam in this case – is Samantha – Jennifer’s grandma.

The story begins with Jennifer moving back to her small town to take care of her grandmother who is injured in a fall and is now in coma. To give you a bit of Jennifer’s background – she loses her husband in an accident and undergoes a miscarriage too. Apart from her family, the only person Jennifer can count on and is close to, is her grandma – Sam.

So, as Jennifer is getting accustomed to her community life, she happens to come across Sam’s letters that reveal a part of Sam’s life which Jennifer never knew. The letters, addressed to Jennifer, were placed in her room in Sam’s house. In them, Sam discloses certain aspects of love that she wants Jennifer to experience and appreciate. The letters disclose the secret love life of Sam.

During this time, Jennifer also happens to reconnect with her childhood friend Brendan. And things move beyond friendship – as fated! But there is more to Brendan’s life that what meets the eye!

The novel comprises two love stories. It is fast-paced read; and quite a departure from Patterson’s regular mystery/thriller shockers but it does have suspense – almost right till the end.

The character of Jennifer is very relatable – one who has loved and lost and is scared to walk the same path again. Brendan is a free-spirited man with no inhibitions. And Sam who has found solace in accepting love in this “secret” sorta way.

This book shows an extremely emotional side of Patterson – an unexpected profile. There are quite a few heart-stirring moments that would appeal to the soft at heart – somehow I could relate to them only a wee bit.

I’d say it is a one-time read if you are the emotional sorta person. It focuses on love, relationships, family and faith. I think I like Alex Cross’ series more than emotional reads.



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