Book Review of “DORK” By Sidin Vadukut


By Sidin Vadukut

So here’s an IIM-A graduate entertaining us with his first book – Dork.Robert ‘Einstein’ Varghese and his quirky skill of penning down his journal (at every given opportunity) reminds me a bit of Adrian Mole, but this is a tad bit more funnier.
The book seems a bit slow in certain sections, but overall build up eagerness to know what the dork is up to next. The story takes a dig on the consultancy industry with an indispensable humorous touch. His routine at work and otherwise sometimes are relatable and sometimes surreal. It is an easy read but at times you’d wonder if a particular instance was added to makeyou laugh or cry or simply get irritated.
Just waiting for the next part of the promised trilogy.


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