Book Review of “Fantasy In Death” by J.D. Robb

Fantasy In Death

By J.D. Robb

The story is about four friends are about to release their state-of-art holo-game but one of them is found murdered in his apartment during a solo testing phase. Lt. Eve Dallas is on the case. With nothing to begin with – no witnesses, no weapons, no clues, it seems tough in the
beginning but her husband Roarke assists and consults her from time to time to help her sort itout. It gives a glimpse of the future, given the rise of technology at breakneck speed.The book shows the dynamics of Eve and her friends (Peabody and Nadine) indulging in friendly humorous quips and sometimes mindless chatter, taking digs at each other. The pairing of Eve and Roarke in this one feels real with the lady being more understanding and strong. Eve also opens up her heart and reflects over “emotions” like friendship and letting people in her life.

Overlooking the flaw of the editor (misuse of commas, spaces, etc) this is one fun mystery.


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