Book Review of “For One More Day” By Mitch Albom

For One More Day

By Mitch Albom

This one is a short and easy read. The main character (Chick Benetto) is a former baseball player, who tries to commit suicide but ends up waking up in a different world – somewhere between life and death. And he gets to spend one more day with his dead mother (who, btw, died eight years ago).

Good for a one time read, this is a story of redemption and how Chick strives to face the ghosts of his life. I could trace a link to Mitch’s previous book – The Five People You Meet In Heaven. The plot might strike as a bit different, but holds a similar feel as his previous novella. The grudges that he holds, the pain he endures, the guilt that engulfs him…all die out and he comes to peace with himself. A decently inspirational read amalgamating love, family,relationships, mistakes and forgiveness.
Pretty well written for a not so ground breaking plot. It keeps you hooked on till the very end with definite emotional moments.


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