Book Review of “Gone Tomorrow” By Lee Child

Gone Tomorrow

By Lee Child

A high caliber “brain candy” – yes that is what Jack Reacher’s “expeditions” turn out to be eachtime he ventures out with his lonely muscular self, and of course his tooth-brush!
The author churns out yet another gripping story set in New York this time. Jack Reacher finds himself seated in front of a woman (on a subway) who fits perfectly in the (14 point) visual checklist for a suicide bomber. He tries talking to her to extract information but it turns out that the lady is carrying a gun with which she eventually shoots herself in no time. What follows is aseries of twists and surprises and a roller coaster ride to find the truth.

Reacher is the kind of man all women dig. A retired army officer so to say but more of a bad ass with a lot of blood on his hand. All with maximum efficiency – minimum remorse.

Lee Child is a master writer. His crisp, impeccable language with intricate detailing take thereader on a different trip altogether. He mesmerizes you into reading the entire book asap to know how it all ends.The character of Reacher is so well etched that makes you pick up the books just to seewhere Jack lands himself this time and how he uses his brute force, mastermind (that can do complicated math in a jiffy and quote some laureates verbatim!) and wits to solve complexities. Honestly, the story is just about average, but it is the addiction for Reacher’s art of getting into solving complex crimes that makes one pick up the book.

And it’s all worth it!


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