Book Review of “Just Take My Heart” By Mary Higgins Clark

Just Take My Heart

By Mary Higgins Clark

Mary Higgins Clark delivers yet another entertaining, mystery/thriller with an interesting twist and definitely a gripping plot, like always!
The title itself is so alluring.The story is about a famous actress shot in her house entangling her “soon to be”ex-husband as the prime suspect.
Emily Wallace is put on the case and she has an interesting story of her own. She’s a war widow and had recently undergone a heart transplant, and has a sub-plot revolving around it. Moreover, her creepy neighbor seems to be spying on her bringing in another plot to the gamut. The revelation of the crime bit-by-bit and the unfolding of the entire plot take the reader through a myriad of emotions – all worth it!
And by the end of the book, all you do is praise the author’s art of storytelling.
It is a fast paced story with some amazing courtroom dialogues and drama. The characters seemed a bit stereotypical and the climax was almost predictable, but absolutely enjoyable.


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