Book Review of “The House” by Danielle Steel

The House

By Danielle Steel

A typical fairy tale sort of read I’d say. The House does not offer much to a reader like me.

Sarah Anderson is a successful estate attorney; a self-confessed workaholic; in a relationship with a loser (read: cheating) boyfriend for the last couple of years.

But then the winds of change blow in her direction and she soon inherits a generous fortune from an old client along with a message: to use the money for something wonderful, to live well, and to think about something other than work.

Sarah purchases the old dilapidated mansion the client used to live in (after unearthing the fact that her grandfather actually built it and owned it). She breaks up with her boyfriend; invests a lot of time and money in restoring the new house; befriends and ends up falling in love with Jeff Parker, the architect who is helping her in the process; and of course has a happy ending.

I found the character of Sarah really silly. She is in her thirty’s and she is successful and beautiful and she still hangs on to some crappy guy who actually is cheating on her and she knows it too! Really!?!?!

Certain things are harped upon too much. And I mean just toooo much! Does Danielle Steel take us to be nit-wits to repeat her thoughts/words over and over again like a thousand times? Very clichéd, predictable plot and sad characterization.



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