Book Review of “Knockout” by Catherine Coulter


By Catherine Coulter


Alright…this one seems like a mixed bag. At some points the story grips you like never before and at some points it dips to the depths of an unknown shoddy valley.

The way the characters developed in the earlier series was intriguing – but now they just seem stuck.

The story begins with FBI Agent Dillon Savich stopping a bank robbery and ends up killing the leader of the gang. The daughter (of the leader) then vows to seek revenge and goes on a killing rampage.

Dillon gets a telepathic message from a seven year old girl, Autumn who thinks of Dillon as a hero. Autumn desperately wishes to save her mom and herself from her father’s relatives who wish to make use of her “super talents” to augment their power and their paranormal cult.

There is a bit of excitement, drama, action and suspense with a tinge of humor, but delivered in potions that keep running out soon. Both the plots are managed well but lack of chemistry and characterization make it weak.

It is gripping enough to keep you hooked but Coulter could’ve done a better job.



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One response to “Book Review of “Knockout” by Catherine Coulter

  1. dennis fisher

    I’m sorry but I just did not like this bood
    It was a waste of $27.00

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