Book Review of “Love…A rather bad idea…all it gives is a lousy hangover” By Anirban Mukherjee

Love…A rather bad idea…all it gives is a lousy hangover

By Anirban Mukherjee


Yet another IITian’s well crafted verbose.

The title itself aims at giving you the crux of the whole story but after you read it, the wee bit of disparity lingers. You might get an impression that the book is more about love and the hangover that follows. But interestingly, there is more to it than just the “love”. It is a mélange of feelings and relationships. Friendship, politics, inter-personal relationships with hints of betrayal, deception, misunderstandings and the sorts.

Of course, humor prevails. The book is pretty much gripping. It is difficult to put it down until the very end. What I found most appealing were the titles for each chapter/section. Very well selected and apt.

The language is fervent but at the same time pretty casual. Typical guy behavior reflects in every line.

The character sketches are done fantastically. Be it the buddies- Samar, Skimpy, Pranav, Jiya, Natasha, Rohan, or their seniors Yadav, Tej etc.

The incidents and situations are absolutely relatable. Especially for hostelites. Anirban’s take on drugs, love, college politics, family, friends, the dean, the rat race, etc are a clean sweep!

This one is totally worth a read!



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