Book Review of “The Lifeguard” By James Patterson and Andrew Gross


By James Patterson and Andrew Gross


Let the name not fool you. This one does not have a straight-up “beachy” plot, but none-less-less good action.

This new thriller is filled with suspense and high tension “who-dunnit” guesses.
So we have Ned Kelly, a college graduate turned lifeguard/pool boy/handy man sorta guy at the Palm Beach. His father Frank Kelly is a small time criminal. And so are his friends Mickey, Bobby, Dee, and Barney.
Ned falls in love with a rich and beautiful “out of his league” girl Tess McAuliffe. He wants to give up his rotten ways to settle down with her.
His friends coax him to join them in one last heist, worth millions, so as to live a comfortable life with Tess.
It is supposed to be an easy job. All Ned has to do is trigger out several house alarms, as a distraction, while his friends steal the multi-million dollar worth art pieces from the mansion of Dennis Stratton.
But thins do not go as planned. The art pieces are not where they were supposed to be. They are double-crossed. All four end up being murdered. And Tess too. It seems like someone has framed Ned.
Ned flees to Boston, escaping the clutches of the cops, some criminals and of course the mastermind of the heist (Dr. Gachet).
Ned is soon caught by FBI agent, Ellie Shurtleff. But soon she too is almost convinced of his innocence and together they set out to nab the real criminals.

Though this one is quite fast paced and full of suspense, it does lack depth at some places. Ned seems to be forever sulking (initially). I wish there was more of Champs (the Aussie guy). There were some really silly instances portrayed (taking off car plates; trying to rob million dollar worth stuff with no artillery; etc).
The plot is decent, not an extra ordinary surprise ending. Lot many characters sometimes spoil the structure – but thankfully JP has managed to hold it, albeit missing the usual wit/humor. I don’t like JP co-authoring books. They tend to burn out soon.
Overall this one is worth a read.


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