Book Review of “Answered Prayers” by Danielle Steel

Answered Prayers

By Danielle Steel


A deep and touching tale of friendship, family and love.

After a scarred childhood, Faith Madison falls in to a bad married life. Her cold and unwelcoming husband, Alex, (an investment banker) cheats on her. She is a mother of two grown up girls who has given up everything to make a happy life for her family, only to feel left out all the time.

At the funeral of her step-father, she re-connects with a long lost friend Brad Patterson, who is now a lawyer.

Faith’s brother, Jack, and Brad were best friends. And when Jack died, Brad and Faith found solace in each other’s support. But as life moved on, they got busy with their personal lives and lost touch. But now, memories of childhood days come running through their hearts.

Faith decides to give herself a chance and take up a career she always wanted. She decides to go to law school. And her decision is severely opposed by her family, of course.

But as she firmly stands her ground, Faith ends up being more confident than ever and finding solace in her friendship with Brad, over emails and telephone calls.

Brad too is stuck in an empty marriage. And over time they fall in love. They gather courage eventually to walk out of their meaningless marriages to be together.

But yes, on a very personal note there were some points I could not relate to at all. Faith being a new-age woman; a very stylish and nearly perfect housewife and mother, comes across as a very under-confident lady; looking for approval all her life.

It seemed like Brad, being a busy lawyer, seemed to have all the time in the world to answer Faith’s emails and calls. Wait…that could be a sign of “being in love”. But c’mon – all the time!!!??

Maybe I have mixed feelings about this one.

High on emotional quotient and drama, it is a very insightful tale of relationships (esp. marriages and friendship) beautifully presented by Danielle Steel.

Not many get a second chance in life. What would you do if you got one? Would you be ready to take the plunge? Well…we never know till we come to it.



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2 responses to “Book Review of “Answered Prayers” by Danielle Steel

  1. Remy Lou

    Dear Sonia
    Thank you for your wonderful review! You encouraged me to read this Danielle Steel novel 🙂
    I hope and wish that it has a good moral..
    God Bless!

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