Book Review of “The Beach House” by James Patterson and Peter de Jonge

The Beach House

By James Patterson and Peter de Jonge

A good paced legal thriller.

Jack is a law student at the Columbia University. He is shocked to hear the news of his brother’s death by drowning. Cops claim it is because of drug overdose and eventual drowning. But truth be told – he is murdered. Peter’s body was found on the Amagansett estate of the famous and wealthy Neubauer family. When Jack sees the body he is convinced it is not a normal death. There are some marks on his body that confirm his belief.

Jack starts his own investigation and turns on the heat on the local cops as well as the Neubauer family. Soon he has a thug on his trail threatening and frightening him.

Jack’s girlfriend too walks out on him. His father dies. He loses his internship. But he still believes justice will be served. And his grandfather supports him all the way.

But the people with money controlling the power seem to have a highly treacherous and deadly secret to hide. And they would do anything to keep it under wraps. And they buy the lawyers, doctors, friends and cops – anyone and everyone who has a price. Lies, deceit, revenge, money, mayhem engulf the victim and everyone around him.

Lots of twists and surprises make this an engrossing read.  JP and Peter de Jonge deliver another fast-paced thrilling page-turner.


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