Book Review of “Treasure Chest for Public Speaking” by Terry O Brien

Treasure Chest for Public Speaking 

by Terry O Brien

This book is a keeper!
Arranged alphabetically, Terry has complied thousands of epigrams and witty remarks for readers to enjoy and use in life. People from all walks of life and all sorts of profession can keep this handy not just for raising toast but to use in everyday life. Life really would be terribly mundane without these quips I feel.
And it’s not that you have to memorize them. Once you read them and understand the underlying humor, wit and sarcasm you are sure to remember them forever.
I wish I could quote all the ones that I liked. But that would mean writing the entire book here. But I shall write the ones that made me laugh instantly –
• Most girls prefer the strong, solvent types.
• He who laughs last must have time to waste.
• When you sing your own praises, it is generally a solo.
• Things are pretty well evened up in this world. Other people’s troubles are not as bad as yours, but their children are a lot worse.
• A reckless driver may get to places a little sooner – even to a cemetery.

I was laughing my way through this book. And I got dead tired. But it was so worth it.
I was amazed at the things Terry has complied. Simple. True. Hilarious. All at once.
And when I read about Terry, I knew the reason behind his witticisms. “He is an academician by vocation and a passionate quiz enthusiast by avocation. He is a Trainers Trainer and a motivational speaker. His leit-motif is the igniting of quizzing instinct and an aptitude to develop the 3rs of learning – Read. Record. Recall.”
With several books under his belt, his natural flair for writing and speaking reflects in this book that comprises wisecracks, quips and witty remarks.
This is a must have for everyone I say. Use some of these quips and you are sure to be stand out in a crowd…(don’t ask me how!).


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